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Aggravated Assault Defense


There are many potential defenses to aggravated assault charges in Florida.  Retaining a criminal defense attorney early in your case will allow you to explore all of your options. Certainly talk to a lawyer before talking to the police because what you say to the police may affect your ability to present certain defenses.


An experienced criminal lawyer can explain your defense options for aggravated assault charges. Call us to set up a free consultation at (407) 956-2172.


Self-Defense for Aggravated Assault Charges


Florida has broad self-defense laws to protect you from being convicted of a crime when you were acting to protect yourself or others. These laws include the Stand Your Ground Law, which allows innocent people to meet deadly force with deadly force in any place they may lawfully be without the duty to retreat. In addition to Stand Your Ground, the Castle Doctrine allows Floridians to defend themselves within their homes with a presumption that any intruder intends to use deadly force. Finally, traditional self-defense law allows non-aggressors defend themselves with appropriate force when necessary.


These self-defense laws are quite helpful in developing criminal defense strategies for those accused of aggravated assault. Your criminal defense lawyer will evaluate your particular case to determine whether self-defense is a viable defense strategy.


Defense of False Aggravated Assault Charges


Sometimes aggravated assault charges are completely bogus. The alleged victim is mistaken about what actually happened; he or she has made up the charges to cover up his or her own wrongdoing; or the alleged victim has falsified the charges for malicious reasons.


Some false charges are the result of domestic arguments where one spouse or partner calls the police to get even. Other times a bad cop may accuse a suspect of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer (LEO) to justify injuries that occur during arrest.


In any case, if you are falsely accused of aggravated assault, it’s important to retain a criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges. Once a false allegation is made, it may be extremely difficult to disprove as the alleged victim may face serious consequences if he or she recants.  Our experienced criminal attorneys will fight to clear your name of the false allegations.


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