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Penalties for Aggravated Assault Charges in Florida


In its simplest form, aggravated assault in Florida is a third degree felony. If convicted, the sentence may be up to five years in prison, probation, or a combination of the two as well as a fine of up to $5000.00. Additionally, the court may order sanctions such as community service, apology letter(s), court costs, anger management, up to two years of community control (house arrest) in lieu of prison or probation time, or any other lawful sentence condition the court deems appropriate. If the court enters an adjudication of guilt, then civil rights penalties such as the loss of the right to vote and carry firearms will occur.

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Upgraded or Enhanced Aggravated Assault Charges


Some types of aggravated assault carry enhanced or upgraded penalties. These penalties are based on certain factors such as characteristics of the alleged victim or the type of weapon used. The enhanced sentences for these types of aggravated assault cases can be quite harsh. There are many enhanced versions of aggravated assault and you should discuss your particular case with a lawyer, but below are a few examples:


Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO): Carries a minimum mandatory three year day-for-day prison sentence. Additionally, the aggravated assault is upgraded to a second degree felony, carrying a maximum sentence of fifteen years rather than five.


Aggravated Assault with a Firearm: Carries at least a minimum mandatory three year prison sentence, but the minimum is higher (up to 25 years) depending on the type of firearm, whether it was discharged, and whether someone was shot. Additionally, if someone was shot, you’re probably looking at aggravated battery, attempted murder, or murder charges in addition to these penalties.


Aggravated assaults on the following types of alleged victims are upgraded to second degree felonies when committed while the victim is engaged in their official duties. Second degree felonies are punishable by up to fifteen years in prison, probation, or a combination of the two, and a fine of up to $10,000.00.


a firefighter

an emergency medical care provider

a traffic accident investigation officer

a nonsworn law enforcement agency employee who is certified as an agency inspector

a blood alcohol analyst

a breath test operator a law enforcement explorer

a traffic infraction enforcement

a parking enforcement specialist

a person licensed as a security officer and wearing a uniform that bears at least one patch or emblem that is visible at all times that clearly identifies the employing agency and that clearly identifies the person as a licensed security officer

a security officer employed by the board of trustees of a community college


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